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12 September 1989
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, a knight's tale, aragorn, bad jokes, being a bleeding-heart liberal, being a vegetarian, being cooler than you, being lazy, ben kweller, beyond_babylon, blogs (with good grammar), books, boys in hoodies, brian in general, brian molko, brian/brianomgwtf!, brian/daphne(except minus the /), brian/justin, british accents, canada, coldplay, cologne, computers, cool user pics, damien rice, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, drabbles, draco ♥ draco, draco ♥ harry, draco malfoy, dumb interests, education, ending war now, equality, ethics, extended editions, fanart, fanfiction, fanlistings, films, folklore, freedom of expression, friends+cheesy movies, fugly lavender shirts, fugly print shirts, fun, gay rights, geeks, gmail - inbox (1), god, goodwill, h/d, half blood prince, hands, harry potter, harry/draco being canon (yay hbp!), history, hugs, icons, jason mraz, jeans, johnny depp, kaidoh being a slut, long epic fantasy novels, looking for alibrandi, lord of the rings, love, loving heath ledger always, making you laugh, marching band, markers, massages, men, mix cds, movies, muse, music, musicals, my bed, my flist, my spelling getting better, myself, no more ho-bag!, not being lame and pathetic, npr, olympics, orlando bloom, oscar wilde, pandemoniumfromamerica, pens, piercings (in someone else), pirates of the caribbean, placebo, politics, pot being on crack, pretending to speak french, pretty boys, pretty boys' hair, procrastination, queer as folk, quidditch slash, randomness, ravenclaw, reading, really good books, remus lupin, rent, robert jordan, robin hobb's books (just not her), roller coasters, sam loves frodo platonically, sarcasm(, scott's excuses, sean astin, shakespeare, silentauror, singing out of tune, sirius lives!, sirius/remus, slash, sleeping all day, spiderman 2, stoner!boy, tattoos (on someone else), tezuryo, the far left, the libertines, theatre, thinking for myself, un-dumb people, underwater light, viggo mortensen, writing, writing more, you, zomg liek whoa!!!elevetyone
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